Calas and beaches

The Tramuntana coast boasts a variety of “calas”, or inlets, and beaches. There are secluded, rocky calas with difficult access where you can find solitude (these calas are not recommended for people with accessibility issues), as well as larger, sandy calas with easy car access where you will share the beach with other people. Searching for the most beautiful and secret calas can become a holiday project!
Here we suggest a few calas to get you started in your discovery of the coastline:

La Calobra

You will find La Calobra below the Puig Major via 38 kilometers of breathtakingly winding road from Sóller.
La Calobra is a small beach with a unique shape. It is surrounded by cliffs, and behind it you will see the mouth of the Pareis Torrent. The walk there is also interesting, since you will pass through a pedestrian stone tunnel. The beach is sometimes used as a natural concert venue during the summer. Due to its beauty and ease of access, expect it to be crowded with locals.

Tuent Cala

The cala of Tuent is located between Punta de Sa Corda and Morro des Forat, around 40 kilometres from Sóller. The beach has a semi-circular shape and is surrounded by trees. Cala Tuent is 6.7 kilometers from the Calobra you can visit the two calas. Close to cala Tuent is the restaurant Es Vergeret located in an antique farm. From its big terrace you can appreciate the wonderful wiews to the sea and the whole cove and its autochthonous vegetation. Another way to reach Tuent is to take the Sa Costera trail which starts in the port of Sóller and ends at this cala. It is worth considering this option, since the walk is very scenic and not too difficult.

Cala Bens D´avail

This cala is around 6 kilometers from the port of Sóller. It has a pebble beach and is surrounded by various species of trees. Next to the cala, a small path leads to a beautiful cave, visible only from the water, from which you can admire the sea. To access this cala, you’ll have to leave your car on the road and walk down the last 200 meters.

Cala Deià

Deià is a semi-circular cala surrounded by cliffs with pine trees where a torrent meets the sea. You will find it between Punta de Son Beltran and Sa Pedrissa. One of the advantages of this cala is the fact that you can enjoy a nice paella in one of the nearby restaurants. It’s easy to get there and there is a car park. Expect a multi-national crowd of sunbathers!

Port de Valldemossa

This cala is just 6 kilometers from the village of Valldemossa, and is surrounded by a unique landscape. Expect it to be crowded with people from Valldemossa. Access by car is easy apart from the last stretch which is slightly steep and narrow. If on your way down you see a local who looks very similar to Michael Douglas, it is in fact probably not a local but the actor himself, who owns a house near this cala

Port des Canonge

Port des Canonge is a pebbly cove surrounded by pine trees, with quite a few small fishing boats. The cala is surrounded by pine trees. It is located 10 kilometers away from Esporles and is easily accessible by car, with parking available.

Cala Banyalbufar

The surroundings of this cala are as nice as the cala itself. You will find vertical cliffs with pine trees as well as crystal waters where you can go diving or snorkeling. This cala is very easy to access and you can even take a bus to reach it. Once you are in the village of Banyalbufar, just follow the signs.

Platja de Son Bunyo

This small cala is surrounded by rocks, pine trees and a river whose waters formed its shape. To reach it, drive to Port Des Canonge, leave your car there, and then walk for 3 very worthwhile kilometers.

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