For a town of its size, Sóller features quite a few attractive museums and buildings of interest, which we will share with you here.
If you want to visit a museum dedicated to the study and conservation of the island’s flora and fauna, The Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences is the place. It’s located in a mansion dating from the beginning of the 20th century, and what used to be the mansion's garden is now the Botanical Garden. The permanent exhibition illustrates the history of natural science on the island, and there is also a paleontology exhibit. In the Botanical Garden you can admire the island's endemic and rare plant species, as well as a collection of medicinal plants, some of which influenced the history of medicine.
It is worth mentioning the Church of Sant Bartomeu and the BCH mansion next door, built in 1902 by Joan Rubio Beliver, Gaudi’s mentor.  They have a very Gaudiesque style and the twisted iron grille is quite remarkable.  Not far from there is the old train station, which still has a daily connection between Soller and Palma. This journey takes you right back to the times when business in Soller was booming.  The station as well as the locomotive and wagons have been preserved in immaculate condition.  The Train Station Museum, which houses paintings by Mirò and ceramics by Picasso, is also well worth a visit.

We also recommend a walk on the charming Gran Via to admire the modernist houses on this street. Not to be missed are the Casa de la Cultura, which is dedicated to ethnology and archaeology, Museum d’Alexandria’s Museum, the Oratory Museum (housing the Sea Museum), the parish church of Saint Bartholome and last but not least, the Can Prunera modernist Museum. It is located in an old art nouveau mansion built in the early 20thcentury. A combination of sinuous, natural and animal-like shapes welcome visitors to a museum which has become one of the features of the town of Sóller.

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