On the island, festival season begins in spring and ends in autumn. Festivals vary in theme and size but they share the same basic principle: celebrating life. If your visit coincides with one of the festivals, it is always worth paying a visit, getting to know the local culture, and maybe even dancing a little! Here we give you a brief description of a few festivals (for further information contact the Tourist Information Centre).

Saint Bartomeu

The Saint Bartomeu festival occurs in Sóller at the end of August. During this celebration of the town’s patron saint, fire-wielding demons take to the streets. The town square becomes the stage of a wonderful inferno with fire coming from every direction as groups of horned demons chase anything and everything down the streets.

Cossiers Dance

The Cossiers Dance takes place in Algaida in July. This unique festival celebrates the dance between a woman, six men and a demon to the tune of a flute on the eve of St. James’ Day.

Saint Joan, the fire night

Islanders celebrate midsummer at the end of June with a Night of Fire. This fire festival is named the Night of Saint Joan and it’s the shortest night of the year. Bonfires and fireworks illuminate every corner of the island, with the fireworks on Palma beach being well worth attending. In Sóller there is a fire on every square, and the daring locals jump over them.

The Moorish Festival of Sóller

In 1561 the population of Sóller fought against pirates from North Africa. After a ruthless battle, the soldiers of Sóller won the war, thereby avoiding the fate of slavery which befell many other Mediterranean peoples. To commemorate this battle the villagers dress up like pirates, get their sabers out and have some fun. They also have a craft festival and a livestock fair. This is the main festival in Sóller.

Saint Antoni’s night

This bonfre night, to commemorate Saint Anthony, takes place during the longest night of the year as opposed to Saint Joan’s Night, which occurs on the shortest. People build fires on specific sites in the town and barbecue sausages while singing songs about Saint Anthony and the Devil.

Saint Pera at the Port of Sóller

This festival takes place at the Port of Sóller in July. It’s a fishermen’s festival with plenty of sports comp

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